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Living Room Design Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Updated: May 15

There are several elements included in interior designing such as furniture, wall coverings, fabrics, colour, textures, and styles that can make your home more comfortable and aesthetically appealing, only if they are arranged in the right manner. The way you choose to design your home truly reflects your personality, nature, and lifestyle in a candid manner. Thus, it is vital to choose every design element wisely to enhance the appearance of your home as well as make it more functional. Keeping consistency throughout your home decor is crucial to provide it with a more comfortable and appealing ambience. Your living room is the central attraction of your home and it must be organised properly. However, decorating a living area can be a daunting job for many homeowners and they usually make small interior design mistakes. Here we are discussing those common mistakes of living room design:

Selecting the Wrong Furniture

Choosing the wrong furniture for the living room is the biggest mistake that most people do with home decor. Too much furniture in a room or extra bulky furniture in a small area can make the space look cluttered or even uncomfortable. You should choose living room furniture with the size in mind to ensure that it goes well with the space of the room, as well as your needs. All the measures should be done before purchasing any furniture item for your living room.

Creating Clutter and Disorganization

Another common mistake is cluttering the room with too many accessories and items. It can make the room appearance inadequate and even cause anxiety if not managed well. Eliminating extra and unusable items will provide you with more living space and a pleasant environment.

Ignoring Colour Coordination

Colour combination is one of the important factors of interior designing that most people do not consider and think of seriously. Choosing the right shades of colours will influence on the attractiveness and positivity of your room, even most reputed interior designers Poundbury consider it as the prime factor.

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Hanging Art and Mirrors Incorrectly

Many homeowners hang their pictures and arts too high on the wall. You should place them at eye level so that they can become a component of the design area. The centre of the paintings and mirrors should be at 5 to 5-1/2 feet from the floor so that they will be at the correct height.

Forgetting Measure

Right measurement for each design element of your living room is important to balance the style and functionality. Before you start decorating your living room, you can discuss your ideas with the experienced interior designers, they can help you to decorate your living room with the right measures.


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